Commercial and Industrial Connections

Submission of Application
Site Visit
Calculation of Gas Load
Demand Notice
Houseline Installation (Commercial and Industrial)
Gas Connection
First Bill
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Submission of Application 
  1. Obtain application form from regional office nearest to your home. This form is also available online.
  2. Complete the form and submit it in your regional office along with Rs. 1000/- (adjustable against connection charges) as application fee for both high and low pressure commercial connections and Rs. 10,000 application fee(adjustable against connection charges) for industrial connections.
  3. Get a proper receipt acknowledging your application. This receipt will be used for any reference or query regarding your application.
  4. The following documents are required for Low Pressure Commercial Connection:
    1. National ID Card Photocopy.
    2. Photocopy of lease agreement if you are a tenant, photocopy of registry if you are an owner.
    3. Partnership deed in case of unregistered partnership/association of persons.
    4. Affidavit of proprietorship/ownership in case of sole proprietorship.
    5. Article/Memorandum of Association, in case of Public/Private companies.
    6. Photocopy of Power of Attorney in case of un-registered partnership firm and Affidavit in case of individual sole proprietorship.
    7. Certificate from Registrar of the Firms, if it is a registered firm.
    8. NTN/TR certificate from Income Tax Department.
  5. The following documents are required with new application for Industrial or High Pressure Commercial Connection:
    1. National ID Card Photocopy
    2. Photocopy of layout plan of factory premises.
    3. NTN or TR certificate from Income Tax Department in respect of your concern
    4. Photocopy of registry of land/factory (if you are owner)
    5. Photocopy of lease agreement (if you are tenant)
    6. Photocopy of partnership deed along with list of partners giving their father’s name, permanent addresses. GIR number etc, (in case of partnership)
    7. Photocopy of certificate from Registrar of Firms in case of registered partnership.
    8. Power of Attorney in case of Partnership firm, in the name of the person who is authorized to sign on behalf of the firm.
    9. Memorandum of Articles (for limited firm) along with copy of resolution for power of attorney from the Board of Directors of the firm.
    10. Affidavit of Proprietorship/Ownership (In case of sole Proprietorship)
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Site Visit
  1. In next phase, site visit will be carried out after the days mentioned on the receipt of application on your turn.
  2. Visit will only be carried out, if your premises location is on gas line.
  3. If gas line needs to be laid, then the company will contact you when ever the gas line has been laid in your area and commissioned for gas.
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Calculation Of Gas Load 

The sales representative conducts a physical survey of the applicant’s site, and makes an estimate of the load of gas to be consumed by the applicant at the business premises. The load is calculated according to an approximate appliance flow rate, which calculates the amount of gas to be consumed according to the appliances being used. The gas load may vary for different businesses, heating surface of boilers, large stoves for hotels, casting machines, steel factories etc.

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Demand Notice 
  1. After completion of the survey, a demand note will be issued for deposit of service line charges and security. The service line charges for commercial connection 1.5 times the actual material cost subject to minimum of Rs. 5,000/-and 1.5 times the actual material cost for industrial connection. The amount of security to be deposited is calculated according to the load of the gas estimated to be consumed by the consumer. he security fee is equivalent to 3 months estimated gas consumption at connected load for commercial consumers and for new industrial consumers equivalent to 90 days estimated gas consumption in case of bank Guarantee and 60 days, if paid in cash.

  2. Security and service line charges will be deposited at the regional office and a proper receipt will be issued in this regard.
  3. Receipt of demand notice is an important document and should be kept a at safe place. SNGPL can demand this receipt at any time.
    Contract Form (Commercial / Industrial)
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House Line Installation 

In order to make skilled manpower available to prospective and existing consumers for installation/modification of gas houseline within the Consumer’s premises, SNGPL has registered Low and High Pressure Houseline Contractors. These contractors are responsible for installation of houseline, strictly in accordance with Technical Specification Of Material for low pressure and quality standards determined by SNGPL and houseline plan issued by SNGPL. These contractors will also be responsible for testing of the houseline installed by them at recommended pressure to ensure that it is leak proof to avoid any untoward incident after commissioning of gas supply. The applicants are advised to contact any of these registered contractors of their own choice; settle INSTALLATION CHARGES to be paid to the contractor for houseline installation, clear the contractor's payment after houseline installation.

The consumer has to obtain an Installation Certificate from the houseline contractor. This Installation Certificate shall be attached with other documents including gas supply contract to be submitted by the consumer to the Company along with prescribed new connection charges.
The contractors are only authorized to recover installation charges of houseline installation and no other charges should be paid to them.

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Gas Connection
  1. Gas connection will be made available to you on first come first served basis.
  2. Distribution Department will lay the service line up to your place of connection.
  3. Distribution Department will install the meter and commission gas supply.
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First Bill
  1. 1st bill will be issued within 45 days. 
  2. If you do not receive the first bill after 45 days, contact your area regional office.
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  • The whole procedure will approximately be completed in a minimum 4 months time period.
  • Don’t pay anything to any agent or contractor to expedite this procedure. It is a waste of money and also encouraging bad practices for others to come.
  • Moreover it is also morally and legally crime which we commit for a short cut for early connection.

Updated: 01-09-2015