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Energy Conservation

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited is committed to conserve energy by optimum utilization of energy. The Company strives to preserve resources for the future and reduce environmental pollution. SNGPL makes extensive efforts to reduce energy consumption in its own operations as well as convince its consumers on efficient utilization of energy through improvements in processes, use of energy efficient equipments and changing life style.

SNGPL is putting its valuable share towards conservation of natural gas as well as for reducing green house gas emissions by introducing different energy conservation devices including Solar water heaters, Geyser timer devices and conical baffles. Company has installed a number of these devices at the premises of its consumers saving emissions as well as conserving valuable resource i.e. natural gas and the practice is going on.

SNGPL is also providing guideline to its industrial consumers on professional basis by advising them regarding energy conservation through conducting energy efficiency audits and advising them to adopt energy conservation initiatives for making their equipment energy efficient.

SNGPL has developed its Energy Conservation Policy which is implemented across the Company.


The state of energy scarcity and the rising price of energy makes conservation a vital element in developing energy sustainability plan. SNGPL is playing its role effectively in this regard and has introduced devices / equipment in the market which reduces the use of gas and promotes renewables especially solar energy. SNGPL offers these devices on installments to its consumers and do not charge any profit. Following devices / equipment are offered to consumers on easy installments:

  • Conical Baffles for Geysers.
  • Geyser Timer Devices
  • Solar Water Heater.

These steps of SNGPL plays a considerable role in reducing green house gas emission (GHG’s) as one Solar Water Heater saves 2.5 tons/year of carbon dioxide going into atmosphere and SNGPL has so far installed more than 600 solar water heaters.