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Achievements During FY12-13

SNGPL completed 3039 Km distribution lines in its distribution regions. As an EPC contractor, 22 Km pipelines were laid for M/s MOL Pakistan which added new supply of gas to SNGPL's network.

Supply mains commissioned during this period helped SNGPL to extend gas supply to various localities, and, complete and capitalize various gas supply projects. Several distribution lines designed for system augmentation were also completed in numerous cities.

In Progress Project

In effort to fulfill its mission of delivering natural gas to every door step, SNGPL's project crews are working at multiple fronts laying transmission and distribution pipelines for different regions of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). A snapshot of ongoing construction projects including both transmission as well as distribution pipelines follows:

At present construction activities of 42" diameter 21.85 Km looplines are underway. The project is the first of its kind in Pakistan as it is the first time, a 42" dia pipeline will be added in SNGPL's network. Work on 24" diameter 54.50 Km Kohat-Dakhni and 24" diameter 50.41 Km Dhullian-Gali Jagir line is also in progress. It is part of infrastructure development project comprising 145 Km of 24" diameter and 38 Km of 10" diameter natural gas transmission lines. This project is designed to absorb additional gas available from northern sources in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and to make the system flexible. The total cost of the project is Rs.5,165/- Million.

Main objectives of this project

  • To pick up additional northern gas supplies (160 MMCFD) available in coming years.
  • Transmission of excess gas in reverse direction from North to South part of SNGPL's network.
  • Flexibility of bi-directional gas flow to counter unforeseen situation / emergencies.

Company is in the planning phase and initiating material procurement process for the construction of 42" diameter 109 Km pipelines to cater for upcoming LNG gas imports aimed at easing energy demands in the country.

Contract Projects

At present SNGPL is not working on a contract project for outside clients