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Quality Assurance


Amjad Mumtaz

General Manager

Quality Assurance Department is ISO 9001:2015 certified department of the Company and contributing a lot in the Company’s Business by performing different activities. QA Department in SNGPL generally covers but not limited to the implementation of standard procedures and national / international code of practices in pipeline construction, operation and maintenance for transmission of high-pressure pipeline and distribution system for low-pressure pipelines as covered under operations manuals of the respective departments.

Quality Assurance Department plans and carries out technical audits to verify compliance and assess adequacy of quality system and ensures that corrective action is taken against responsible personnel on reported non-conformance.

Quality Assurance personnel ensure that:

  • Standard practice of all construction activities are being executed as per International Codes & Standard.
  • Standard and appropriate tools are being used.
  • Connections and installations are leak free.
  • Proper leak detection tests are carried out.
  • Defective material is not being used.
  • All hydrostatic testing equipments are calibrated before the test and certified by Metering department.
  • Hydrostatic / Air Testing is carried out as per Standard.
  • Pre-screening of Third Party Inspectors for 100% inspection during manufacturing referred by Procurement Department.

The department has been established to perform core activities mainly in Distribution Regions & Project Construction Camps as follows:

Quality Assurance Activities in Distribution Regions Include:

  1. Inspection of Main lines construction against:
    1. TOR (100% Cost) jobs for Private Housing Societies.
    2. Operational and Development Phases constructed by Projects Department.
    3. Rehabilitation Jobs.
  2. Coordination with Development and Operations Departments for preparation of Punch list.
  3. Leakage detection surveys are carried out for the following:
    1. New CMSs
    2. Old/Non-Rectified CMSs
    3. Rectification of CMSs
    4. Replacement of CMSs
    5. Reconnection of CMSs
    6. TBSs, DRSs, IND & Bulk Supply CMSs
  4. Inspection of Underground leakage rectifications, newly laid service lines, Buried valves & Inspection of Overhead & Underground valves, Testing / Purging and commissioning activities.
  5. Qualification of PE fusers.
  6. Qualification of MS Welders
  7. Pre-qualification of manufacturing facilities.
  8. Monitoring the activities of Third Party Welding / Radiography Inspection Firms.

Quality Assurance Activities in Project Construction Camps Include:

  1. Inspection of ROW, Pipe Stringing, Welding Operations, Air Testing of welded sections, Joint Cleaning and Sleeving, Trenching and Lowering, Backfilling, Fabrication, Hydrostatic Tests.
  2. Coordination with CP Section for carrying out DCVG survey, Project Department for preparing of Punch list, Project & Distribution Department for Commissioning of Lines.
  3. Inspection of linepipe and coating at Uch Sharif Coating Plant.

Quality Assurance Department also performs the following activities :

  • Deployment of Third Party Inspection firms in Distribution Regions on yearly basis.
  • Deployment of welding inspection firms in Project Department as and when required.
  • Welding procedures qualification according to latest version of API - 1104.
  • Welder qualification as per welding procedure of API – 1104.
  • Destructive testing of welds.
  • Welding inspection and radiography testing.
  • Ultrasonic testing, Dye penetrant testing, Hardener testing of weld joints.
  • Deployment of qualified welders.
  • Ensure use of standard material, tools and equipment.
  • Ensure coating of pipelines conform to procedures covered under the operations manuals.