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Coordinator (PB&MC)

Coordinator (PB&MC)


Coordinator (PB&MC)

Coordinator (PB&MC) section is a service activity department:-

Core Functions:

Inventory Control Management and Item Identificatio by Indexing of material indeted by the consumer departments in line with their planned operational/ maintenance adn development activities to achieve the overall company targets.

Main Functions / Responsibilities:

Coordinator department is responsible for the following:-

  • To allot & maintain index numbers for store stock items.
  • Clearance of Indents / LPR for Store Stock Items keeping in view the available stock.
  • To arrange auction/disposal of outlived, obsoleted and scrap equipments.
  • To arrange haulage contract for inland tranportation of materials / pipes from Karachi to different Stores and within SNGPL Stores.
  • To ensure utilisation of existing Inentory including Slow / Non Moving Inventory thru the follwoing:-
    • Clearance of purchase requests keeping in view the existing stores stock items.
    • Providing monthly departmental status of inventory & slow /non moving items.
    • Providing deifferent analysis on slow/non moving inventory to users.
  • To arrange loan transactions of materials with Oil & Gas Companies in case of emergency requirement.
  • Data cleansing activity w.r.t Description, Specifications and Unit of Measurement of indices.

Total Store Stock Inventory as on 30.06.2020: Rs 10.109 Billion