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Human Resource



Senior General Manager

Every successful organization largely owes its success to a vibrant and professional HR Department. Organizations are destined to fail in the absence of an HR Department which is not playing its role emphatically.

HR Department is manned by highly devoted professionals ably led by their seniors who are making untiring efforts aimed at the growth, sustainability and progress of the company. HR department is fully geared to transform SNGPL into “Employer of Choice” which nurtures talent through its enabling culture. We are committed to excellence by acquiring, developing and retaining the right talent by aligning our policies with market and serving as a strategic partner to the line departments. Like any genuinely progressive organization we firmly believe that human capital is our most important asset. The individuals attached to it are with their highly developed sense of creativity, talent and urge to play a very vital role in the long term success of this Company. For this, HR proactively prepares and implements system hinged on merit based recruitment, equitable policies for comparative compensation packages and a need based skill enhancement program to further improve the knowledge base of staff and provide them with professional development opportunities by exposing them to various kinds of cross functional trainings , management courses, workshops, technical courses and seminars both at home and abroad.

It is also the responsibility of HR to stay abreast with new information, skills and labor laws to effectively manage the company’s human resource and accordingly update policies to enhance staff satisfaction, development, motivation and retention. Employees welfare has all along received due consideration by the Management. A number of agreements have been signed with CBA workers Union resulting in handsome remuneration packages to employees. It is due to sheer sincerity, welfare oriented policies and concern for every employee that there has never been any strikes and lockouts.

It plays a pivotal role in the formulation of HR policies and their execution. It has successfully been inculcating loyalty, professionalism and devotion in the employees. The transformation from Personnel to HR Department has been possible only under the vision and leadership of the Management as it is always keen to adopt global best practices in this arena. Recruitment here is now based on third party testing to ensure transparency and merit. Performance is monitored through Performance Management System designed following the concept of Management by Objectives. Career development has always been a sensitive area and it consumes a good deal of time of HR department. Presence of an in-house training institute of the Company is an added advantage where the training programmes are arranged to bridge the skill gap and develop the human resource for present and future assignments. Assessment Centers are developed annually to gauge the competency level of the human resource that forms the basis of Promotion to next ladder in organizational hierarchy.

Present day SNGPL is a progressive organization and the role played by HR Department in acquiring this status is unquestionable.