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GM Telecom


General Manager

Law of the land necessitates installation of dedicated Telecommunication Network along with the pipeline networks carrying natural gas for safe transportation at high transmission pressures. SNGPL's Telecom Department is maintaining wireless backbone telecommunication along Company's Transmission right-of-way (ROW) since the inception of the company in 1963. SNGPL's Telecom Department is operating dedicated Digital Microwave Radio Communication System along the high pressure gas pipeline network from Sui & Sawan to Peshawar for Voice, Data, Video and SCADA services.

The Telecom System provides the following facilities:

  • Companywide Telephonic Voice Communication Network.
  • SCADA based real-time remote monitoring and control of high pressure gas pipeline network at Gas Control Centre, Faisalabad, for efficient transportation of natural gas. Moreover, real-time SCADA remote clients are also available at the MD Office, DMD Office, DG GAS Office,Ministry of Energy and company's regional offices.
  • Video Conferencing between Head Office, Gas Control Centre (Faisalabad) and Regional Distribution Offices.
  • Routers based Wide-Area-Networking for data connectivity of IT/MIS services and Customer Care & Billing.
  • Emergency Field Communication using point-to-multi-point UHF Bases for ROW Operations, Pipeline Construction, Pigging and Repair Activities and for effective network security against sabotage attempts.
  • Vehicular Mobile Voice Communication facility.

Telecom Department also operates and maintains:

  • IP/Data Radio based Voice communication with Remote Company Offices, Pipeline Construction Project Camps and Caravans.
  • V-SAT (Satellite) based Voice and SCADA networking with remote gas sources.
  • Video Wall System and Telepresence System at Head Office.

Telecom Department also performs:

  • Planning, Designing and Laying of Optical Fiber Network for Clients.
  • In-house Path Profiling & Surveying, Link Engineering, Installation and Maintenance of company's own Microwave Backbone Network.

SCADA System

Telecom Department is operating state-of-the-art SCADA System with online outstations established at Gas Sources, CMS/SMSs, Compressor Stations and Mainline Valve Assemblies of Transmission Network. The remote monitoring and control of these outstations has been enabled from Gas Control Centre using company's own terrestrial Microwave/UHF network, GPRS Network and Satellite (V-SAT) services. SNGPL is using world renowned OASyS™ SCADA Host System by Aveva. The SCADA System was initially installed in the year 2000 and has gone through various upgrades to reach current form in which it is being used very effectively for the safe and efficient round-the-clock operations of transmission network. >Currently, Telecom department has increased its SCADA footprint into distribution regions. Telecom has integrated the SCADA system with EVCs at Industrial CMSs for real-time view of the parameters on customized dashboards. These dashboards can be viewed by the Management and regional managers on the SCADA application.

Video Conferencing Facility

In addition to establishment of IP-based Video Conferencing Rooms, IP Video Phones have been provided at the work desks of Senior Management at Head Office and all General Managers of Distribution Regions. Intranet and cloud-based system is being used for management and Board of Directors meetings between SNGPL Head Office, Ministry of Energy, SSGC, PPL, PSO, OGDCL, ISGS and DG Gas Office.


  • Telecommunication Department has executed OFC (Optical Fibre Cable) laying Projects for the clients in country's Northern tough hilly terrains.
  • Telecom Department has also executed an internal project for the complete Microwave Backbone Network's up-gradation to 8-GHz frequency band which resulted in increased bandwidth for companywide interconnectivity.
  • Replacement and expansion of SCADA system is being carried out for the deployment of SCADA monitoring on all Gas Sources and Sales Meter Stations (SMSs) on Transmission Network.
  • SCADA integration with Industrial CMSs on Distribution network is being carried out for effective monitoring and vigilance for bulk gas consumers.