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Senior General Manager

As natural gas travels through transportation pipes, its pressure is affected by factors such as elevation changes, distance and friction that cause it to slow and expand. Compressor stations are spaced at regular intervals along the network to re-pressurize gas and re-establishing the correct flow speed to propel it through the pipeline. Compression Department ensures smooth & reliable operation at compressor stations to;

  • Supply natural gas to consumption centers at requisite pressures & flows.
  • Inject low pressure gases from different sources at variable pressures including depleting sources, into transmission network.
  • Accomplish transmission system requirements by ensuring plant reliability and availability.
  • Maintain pipeline integrity and gas quality by scrubbing, straining and filtering incoming gas which passes through the station by removing impurities – such as hydrocarbon particles.

The uninterrupted compression operation maintained by applying;

  • State of the art preventive & predictive maintenance techniques.
  • Monitoring & evaluation of equipment performance.
  • Continuous system improvement & up-gradation through incorporation of latest international technological developments.
  • Planning & development for compression system augmentation & plant expansion as per operational requirements.
  • Well maintained operation of station Fire Gate Valves

Core Competencies

  • In-house Operations & Maintenance of Gas Turbine Packages
  • Turbine Engine Overhauling Facility at Multan
  • State-of-the art Turbine Engine Test Cell
  • Compression system design, Construction & Commissioning
  • Machine shop equipped with latest machines
  • Foreign Trained team of Turbo-machinery expert Engineers
  • Latest condition monitoring setup
  • ISO-9001:2015 certified with effective QMS System.

Exceptional Features

  • Compression department owns one of the largest turbine engines overhauling facility in the country, under transfer of technology agreement with OEM of gas turbine, thus saving overhauling cost in terms of foreign exchange.
  • Being the regional leader in compression technology and turbo-machinery expertise, Compression department also takes pride in undertaking compression installation projects / technical services of other Oil & Gas companies like PPL, OMV and OGDCL.

Recent Successes

  • Control System Up-gradation
    • Control System upgraded from Relay based to PLC based
    • Vibration System upgrade to Rockwell Dynamix 1444 from relay based
  • Packages Refurbishment
    • Fuel System Upgrade from pneumatic controllers to Electronic fuel module.
    • Start System Upgrade from pneumatic to Electric
  • Oracle Based Maintenance Management System
    • Scheduling & Planning maintenance activities
    • Tracking all maintenance activities
  • Safety System Upgrade
    • Addition of Surge Control System
    • Upgradation of Fire & Gas System

Compressor StationsAuxiliary Equipments
Number of Compressor Station: 11 Nos.

LOCATIONS: Sui, Bhong, Uch Sharif, Multan, Faisalabad, Manawala, Harranpur, Gali Jagir, Dhulian.

  • Fire Gate Valves
  • Yard Valves
  • Scrubbers
  • Multi Cyclone Filters
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Power Gensets
  • Air Compressors
Compressor Packages: 69 Nos.
Total Installed Capacity: 226,200 HP
Compressor Packages
OEM: Solar Turbines (A Caterpillar Company)
Types: Centaur / Saturn
Control Systems: PLC Based / Relay Based