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General Manager

Like other transmission and distribution companies in the world, Transmission department of SNGPL is the heart of the Company. The function of Transmission department is to receive gas from the producers and, through the transmission network, by utilizing optimum operation of compression facilities at various locations, deliver it to city gate stations for onward supply to Distribution department which distributes gas to industrial, commercial & domestic consumers. Transmission network of SNGPL at present constitutes of 9143.75 Km long high pressure gas pipelines ranging from 4" to 42" diameter and operating in all four provinces of the Country. The Transmission network is divided into 4 sections having their head quarters at Multan, Faisalabad, Lahore and Wah. Transmission system also includes compressor stations at different locations which boost the pressure to a maximum of 1235 psig in order to meet the requirements of the cities.

The Job scope of Transmission department includes the following:

  • Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Pipeline operations including Hot tapping and Stoppling
  • Pipeline right of way and civil maintenance
  • Pipeline repairs and modifications
  • Prompt and effective response to any leakage or mishap on the pipeline system
  • Metering at custody transfer and city gate stations
  • Centralized gas dispatch and control along with accurate computation/verification of gas volume at gas sources, RLNG delivery points and city gate stations

The Gas Control Centre at Faisalabad is the main artery of the transmission system. The entire transmission network is monitored and controlled with the help of a 'state of the art' SCADA system which provides data monitoring facility apart from remote control operation of mainline valves during emergencies. Transmission department has Company’s owned dedicated telecommunication system as well.