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Extension of Gas Main

Where SNGPL’s gas network doesn’t exist in front of the applicant’s premises/ locality

If SNGPL Network doesn’t exist in your street/ locality, in front of your premises, you have to obtain application form for extension of Gas network from regional office / sub office/ customer services center nearest to your home. This form is also available online.

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Submission of Application

  • Fill in the prescribed application form for extension of Gas network (CAPITAL LETTERS) and submit it to your regional office / sub office/ customer services center nearest to your home along with the following attested documents.
  • A copy of CNIC
  • Proof of residence and size of plot (e.g. Registry or some other legal document) .
  • A copy of electricity bill.
  • Get a proper receipt in acknowledgement of your application. This receipt will be used for any reference or subsequent query regarding your application.
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Site visit for feasibility of network extension.

  • In the next phase Company’s representative will visit your premises on turn/merit basis to make feasibility report for the extension of network up to your premise on overall planning basis
  • After the technical evaluation, the concerned authority will decide how to process your request i.e.:
  • On recovery of 100% cost basis
  • Company’s own resources
  • Cost sharing basis
  • The Company will proceed further in this matter as per the prevailing policy
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Laying of network

If it is procedurally, technically and operationally feasible, the Company will extend its network on turn/ merit upto your premises on overall planning basis.

Submission of fresh application for individual connection

You have to submit a fresh application after the successful commissioning of network for your individual gas connections as after commissioning of gas, your premises will be considered On-Line i.e, where SNGPL’s gas network exists in front of the premises.

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