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Domestic and Special Domestic Connections

Where SNGPL’s gas network exists in front of the premises

If SNGPL Gas Network exists, in front of your premises and is in operation, you have to obtain the application form from regional office / sub office/ customer services center nearest to your home. This form is also available online

Where SNGPL’s gas network doesn’t exist in front of the premises

If SNGPL Gas Network doesn’t exist in your street, in front of your premise, you have to obtain application form for extension of gas network from regional office / sub office/ customer services center nearest to your home. This form is also available online.

Submission of Application

Fill in the prescribed application form (CAPITAL LETTERS) and submit it in your regional office / sub office/ customer services center nearest to your home along with the following attested documents.

  • A copy of CNIC.
  • Proof of the title of property to ascertain size of plot (e.g. registry or some other legal document).
  • Gas bill of the neighbor nearest to your home.
  • Get a proper receipt in acknowledgement of your application. This receipt will be used for any subsequent reference or query regarding your application.
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House Line Survey

  • In the next phase, Company’s representative will visit your premises on turn/merit basis to prepare feasibility report for issuance of proposal letter.
  • House Line Plan will be designed at the time of site visit by the Company’s representative(s), if it is technically/operationally feasible to provide gas supply.
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Proposal Letter / Demand Notice

  • A Proposal letter / Demand Notice will be issued along with House Line plan and a list of Company’s registered houseline installation contractors of your region
  • You have to arrange house line from any of the contractors as per prescribed rates.
  • Security and service line charges will be calculated as detailed below:
Size of Plot Service Line Charges Security Total
Up To 10 Marlas Rs. 1,500 Rs. 4,500 Rs. 6,000
Above 10 Marlas Rs. 3,000 Rs. 4,500 Rs. 7,500
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House Line Installation

In order to make skilled manpower available to prospective and existing consumers for installation/modification of gas houseline within the Consumer’s premises, SNGPL has appointed low and high pressure houseline contractors. These contractors will be responsible for installation of houseline, strictly in accordance with the specifications and quality standards determined by SNGPL and houseline plan issued by SNGPL. These contractors will also be responsible for testing of the houseline installed by them at recommended pressure to ensure that it is leak proof for avoidance of any untoward incident after commissioning of gas supply. The applicants are advised to contact any of these registered contractors of their own choice, settle the amount to be paid to the contractors for houseline installation, clear the contractor's payment after houseline installation / testing and thereafter only High Pressure Consumers, obtain a test report from him. This test report shall be attached with other documents including gas supply contract to be submitted by the Consumer with the Company along with prescribed new connection charges. However No test Report/Installation Certificate to the contractor is required to be obtained for submission to the Company for Low Pressure consumers. The contractors are only authorized to recover labour charges of housline installation and no other charges should be paid.

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  • You have to visit regional office / sub office / customer services center nearest to your home along with signed Gas Sales Contract, House Line Plan, House Line Installation Certificate, copy of CNIC to obtain challan form/ bill for deposit of security amount, service line and other charges (if applicable).
  • Deposit security amount, service line charges, and other charges (if applicable), at the designated bank of the Company and obtain proper receipt.
  • Receipt issued by the bank for deposit of security amount and service line cost etc is an important document and should be kept in safe custody. SNGPL can demand this receipt at any time.
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Gas Connection

  • Gas connection will be made available to you on "first come first served basis".
  • Distribution Department will lay the pipe (service line if required) up to your place of connection.
  • Distribution Department will install the meter and commission gas supply at your premises.
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First Bill

  • 1st bill shall be issued within 45 days of commissioning of gas supply.
  • If you do not receive the first bill after 45 days, contact your area regional office.
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Don’t pay anything to any agent or contractor to expedite this procedure. It is wastage of your money and legally actionable. This short cut applied for early connection is a moral crime as well.

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