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Advance Payment Plan

  • Profit at the rate of prevalent Six Month KIBOR - 2% p.a. will be paid on reducing monthly advance balance.
  • Easy to enroll.
  • Saves 11 visits to the bank in one year.
  • Saves tension associated with keeping track of the bill to ensure timely payment.
  • Risk of occasional delays and levy of late payment surcharge is eliminated.


  • You may forward your request on the form (given below) to your Regional Billing office.
  • We send you a bill for advance payment as per your option based on your last one years consumption plus 20%.
  • For every completed month after advance payment, discount @ 6 months KIBOR -2% per annum on reducing monthly advance balance will be credited to your account.
  • You will continue to receive your monthly gas bill giving all information as usual including current months billing, advance balance, discount credit balance.
  • After your credit is exhausted, you may repeat the procedure, otherwise normal monthly billing will continue.

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