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Bill Types

Normal Bill

Bill is issued as per actual meter reading recorded by the meter installed and calculated as per rates notified by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) for all categories of consumers. In general, pressure factor is applied for the calculation of corrected volume of gas consumed for commercial consumers, while pressure, temperature and super compressibility factors are applied to work out corrected volume of gas consumed by Industrial / Bulk supply consumers.

In case of RLNG based domestic consumers, monthly RLNG tariff is notified by OGRA and all RLNG consumers are billed accordingly.

Estimated (Provisional) Bill

When actual meter reading could not be recorded due to certain factors, an Estimated (Provisional) bill is issued to the consumer. Some of the factors are as follow:

Index glass dirty/Misty.
Water inside meter.
Meter covered with dust.
Meter covered with bushes.
Meter under rain water.
Meter installed above normal height.
Meter position not approachable.
Meter locked inside the premises.
Premises not found.

Estimated (Provisional) bill is based on the consumption of corresponding period of preceding year, or immediate preceding bill or trend of same category of the locality respectively.

Estimated (Provisional) bill is adjusted in next normal bill when actual meter reading is available.

Minimum Bill

Minimum bill is issued when consumption is nil/zero or below the prescribed consumption limit as per rates notified by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) for all categories of consumers. Minimum charges of some categories, as notified by OGRA, are as follows. These charges are exclusive of meter rent and General Sales Tax (GST).

Category Minimum Charges (Rs. per month)
(a) Standalone Meters (b) Mosques, Churches, Temples, Madrassas, Other Religious Places and Hostels attached there to. Rs. 172.58
Government & Semi Government Offices, Hospitals, Clinics, Maternity Homes, Government Guest Houses, Armed Forces Messes, Langars, Universities, Colleges, Schools and Private Educational Institutions , Orphanages and other Charitable Institutions along-with Hostels and Residential Colonies to whom gas is supplied through bulk meters. Rs. 3,900.00
(All establishments registered as commercial units with local authorities or dealing in consumer items for direct commercial sale like cafes, bakeries, milk-shops, tea stalls, canteens, barber shops, laundries, hotels, malls, places of entertainment like cinemas, clubs, theaters and private offices, corporate firms etc. Rs. 6,415.00
Commercial Special (Roti Tandoors) Rs. 148.50
Ice Factories Rs. 6,415.00
General Industry Rs. 36,449.70
CNG Rs. 45,803.10
Cement Rs. 45,588.90
Power Stations(WAPDA's and KESC's Power Stations)
(i) WAPDA's & KESC's Power Stations and other Electricity Utility companies Rs. 29,416.80
(ii) WAPDA's Gas Turbine Power Station, Nishatabad, Faisalabad Rs. 975,000  (Fixed Charges)
(iii) Liberty Power Limited's Gas Turbine Power Plant (Phase 1) at Dharki Rs. 44,972.79
Independent Power Producers Rs. 29,416.80
Captive Power Rs. 36,449.70

Sticky / Stopped Meter Bill

Sticky / Stopped Meter Bill is issued if meter is sticky / stop (out of order) and is unable to record the gas passing through it. The bill is based on seasonal average consumption (summer / winter season) in case of domestic category whereas in case of Industrial and Commercial category, it is based on previous two month’s or following two month’s average consumption whichever is higher as per Gas Sales Agreement.