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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

SNGPL being a national Company is committed to honor its policy on Corporate Social Responsibility. This policy is based on global best practices envisaging management of the business processes by producing an overall positive impact on society and the environment. The laid out objectives are to be achieved by adopting a methodology that drives the conduct of the Company’s business leading to commercial success in ways and manner that honor ethical values, people and communities

SNGPL believes in business that should be both profitable and beneficial to the society improving the quality of life of the communities especially those who are under privileged ensuring harmonious relations with our stakeholders, by working in partnership with the Community, the Government and NGOs through the principles of Sustainable Development.

  • Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy
  • Focus Areas
  • Corporate Governance

We pledge to perform our corporate duty, base on following acknowledge principles with dedication, diligence and integrity.

a) Standard of business conduct

We are committed to ensure that all our corporate activities are conducted strictly in accordance with high levels of professional and legal standards as per code of business ethics

b) Health, Safety & Environment

We are committed to provide and strive to maintain clean, healthy & safe working environment by continually conducting public awareness campaigns to promote safe use of natural gas.

c) Community

We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen by pro-actively supporting the affected communities in the events of national and natural catastrophe.

We shall also support national causes pertaining to

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Safeguarding national heritage
  • Safeguarding & public welfare support
  • cultural activities

d) Disclosure

SNGPL shall provide information about descriptive as well as monetary disclosures of the CSR activities undertaken in each financial year on its website, annual reports and other communication media. The disclosure shall be made in the Director’s report to the share holders annexed to the annual audited accounts.

The disclosure shall include but shall not be limited to the following:

  • Education
  • Environment protection measures
  • Safeguarding national heritage
  • Culture activities
  • Corporate philanthropy
  • Energy conservation
  • Community investment and welfare schemes
  • Consumer protection measures
  • Welfare spending for under privileged classes
  • Industrial relations
  • Employment of special persons
  • Occupational safety and health
  • National-cause donations
  • Business ethics and anti- corruption measures
  • Contribution to national exchequer
  • Rural development programmes

We will strive to Contribute due share in fulfillment of basic human needs of the deprived and underprivileged by focusing on health care, sport, sanitation and environment etc. Contribute due share in fulfillment of basic human needs of the deprived and underprivileged by focusing on health care, sport, sanitation and environment etc. Provide assistance for the Promotion of education in Pakistan. Build self reliance through programs aimed at Skill Enhancement and creating income generating opportunities for the under privileged. Conserve National Heritage, indigenous culture and sports. Implementing sound Environment, Health & Safety Management Systems and take a proactive approach to address environmental issues like tree plantations, awareness campaigns etc. Provide unbiased donations. Support and uphold the principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organizations fundamental conventions on core labor standards. Provide medical and community aid to alleviate hardship and distress to under privileged.

We will ensure that effective systems are in place to manage and monitor compliance with this policy and take remedial action whenever we fall short of our commitment. A CSR Committee having the following composition will review and approve strategic plans, assess progress and offer guidance about emerging CSR issues of importance.

i Deputy Managing Director Chairman
ii Senior General Manager (CA&CC)/CS Member
iii Chief Financial Officer Member
iv General Manager (Admin) Member
v Chief Engineer (HSE) Member/Secretary

CSR Committee will periodically evaluate and approve the projects recommended the regional CSR cells headed by each Regional In-charge duly assisted by his team. The CSR Committee will ensure:

that projects are within the area of SNGPL’s operation. However, being a national Company, SNGPL may extend its support regardless of geographical locations for special projects of national importance.

that SNGPL cooperates with and/or associates with NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) working in a financially transparent manner i.e. maintaining properly audited accounts and operations on non-profit basis and having credibility and reputation in the public sector.
that priority is given to under-privileged areas and segments of society, institution and projects which generally do not have easy access to other sources of funds.

that NGOs/CBOs and institutions having political / ethnic affiliation are not supported.

that special funds are got approved from the Board of Directors each year for implementation the CSR policy.

Independent Assurance

SNGPL shall ensure to make arrangement for obtaining independent third party assurance for verification of its CSR activities. Certification may also be obtained in this regard.


CSR Policy