Distribution (North)


Senior General Manager (Distribution North)


SNGPL's Gas Distribution department is responsible for the safe, reliable and efficient distribution of natural gas through the utility pipes to customers, The total length of SNGPL's distribution network is approximately 94,263 kilometers. Distribution department distributing 1680 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) natural gas to 5.3 million customers in 3250 nos towns and Villages of Pakistan. The distribution department is providing its services to the consumers in fifteen (15) regions of the company. There are 5.2 million domestic consumers, around 55,000 commercial, over 3,500 industrial / captive power units and around 2,900 CNG consumers. The department has its own development. planning and metering staff in every region which is responsible for providing gas to the consumers. The skilled and trained staff is available in widespread regions and sub-areas to attend emergencies and customer complaints.

The department has a fully established and well equipped central metering workshop with latest flow proving, testing and meter calibration facilities.

Updated: 22-06-2017